No Borders 2016 will take place the weekend of July 23, 24. 
Bids Received:
Below are the bids that have been received as of May 16. Those with an asterisk (*) beside their name have been accepted. All bids will be awarded by June 24, 2016 at the latest. 
Ottawa          Salty* Halifax
 Shrike*    Ottawa QUB* Quebec
 Phoenix*Ottawa Flurry* Edmonton
 Quake*        Quebec  Qarma* Quebec
 Sherbrooke Gentleman's CL*Sherbrooke Iris* Montreal
 Magma*Montreal Tempest*     St. John's
 Mephisto*Montreal Eclipse* Ottawa
 Red Circus*    Halifax X-Squad*Montreal
Iron Crow*Ottawa Quasar*    Quebec
Alberta Flatball Club*Edmonton Nebula Ottawa
Grand Trunk*    Toronto Stella A* Ottawa
Maverick*Kitchener/Waterloo Stella B* Ottawa
Intrepid*Winnipeg Mystik* Quebec
NADS*North Bay Roc Paper Scissors* Rochester, NY
 BOATToronto Storm* Montreal
 T-RexTrois-Rivieres TOX6ix Toronto
QuantumQuebec Iris* Quebec
ROYQuebec Anchor Ultimate* Halifax
BlackbuckMontreal Raft* Ottawa

 Crash* Kitchener Waterloo
 Thunder* Kitchener/Waterloo
 Wicked East*OttawaLocal 613* Kingston
Wicked West*Ottawa Force*Barrie
TOROToronto Quest* Quebec City
The PrideTorontoAnimals*     Sherbrooke

  Zen         Toronto
   Backdraft Durham/Peterborough

  JR OPEN     
  HAVOC* Toronto
 UPROAR* Toronto
   Unnamed     Toronto
   Ignite* Ottawa
   Scorch* Ottawa
   Blaze *    Ottawa